Warrior Climber Nate is approaching his 10th year on active duty with the last 7 under the U.S. Army Special Forces Command as a Green Beret.  During these 7 years in the Special Forces community Nate has been deployed multiple times to numerous theaters including Africa and Afghanistan.

In 2012 Nate was deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, he and Nick were teammates on the same ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha).  In the November 2012 IED incident in which Nick was shot in the face, Nate had been manning the MK 44 Minigun in the turret of the vehicle that was struck.  Nate was thrown more than 40 feet from the vehicle and received multiple fractures to his left leg and ankle as well as injuries to his head, back and neck.  Nate was evacuated to Walter Reed Medical Center where he rehabilitated and returned to duty on his same ODA.


In August of 2015 Nate and his team were back in Afghanistan.  While returning to the team’s compound from conducting airfield operations inside a friendly Afghan base, his vehicle approached an inner perimeter security checkpoint manned by two Afghan soldiers.  One soldier approached the vehicle while the other stood by the tower of the checkpoint.  The team’s interpreter got out of the vehicle and spoke to the guards.  Moments later, the Afghan soldiers opened fire on the vehicle, instantly killing the driver, Air Force Combat Controller (CCT) Captain Matt Roland, and mortally wounding SSGT Forrest Sibley. Nate returned fire and was struck in the face with a bullet, shattering his jaw.  Nate’s jaw fell from his face and he caught it in his hand.  Noticing Forrest’s wounds Nate began first aide before passing out from loss of blood.  Forrest died soon after.

Nate was evacuated once again to Walter Reed in Washington D.C.  This time Nick, Nate’s former teammate, escorted Nate to Washington D.C.  Nick was deployed at the same time, but had not yet returned to full operational duty on the ODA.  Nate required major facial reconstruction and massive amounts of airway rehabilitation.


Today Nate and Nick are deployed in combat together, continuing to fight our nation’s enemies as U.S. Army Green Berets.