2018 CLIMB: July 27 - August 5, 2018



The Duskin and Stephens Foundation, in conjunction with Tusker Trail, joins efforts annually for the Kilimanjaro Climb for Valor, a healing climb that sends wounded Special Operations Combat Veterans, family members of Fallen Special Operations Soldiers, and civilians up the 19,341-foot peak.  

The wounded Special Operations Combat Veterans, the team’s Warrior Climbers, are chosen from the Special Operations community for the perseverance and determination shown as they battle through extensive surgeries and rehabilitation programs resulting from combat injuries.  Each of these men has made a profound sacrifice in continued service to their country.

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Civilian climbers sign up through Tusker Trail

I was humbled to be included in the Climb for Valor.
After being injured I had a long road back to recovery both mentally and physically. The Climb for Valor gave me a goal and helped motivate me.
— Dave (Wounded Special Operator)