"On August 3rd 2014, the men of ODA 3131 and 3rd SFG(A) lost a brother, and the Gass family lost a father, husband, brother, and son when Girard "Jerry" Gass died of a massive heart attack while on a combat operation in Afghanistan. Jerry suffered a heart attack after conducting a helicopter infiltration to secure a highly contested governmental district center in remote Afghanistan. The last thing Jerry did before he died was evacuate a fellow injured soldier off of the battlefield. Despite the pain of Jerry's death, there was some consolation in knowing that Jerry died doing what he loved to do.  It was a lifelong dream for Jerry to join the army; but he waited until he was 28, after graduating college and establishing a career.  Jerry, a senior medic on the ODA, was on his second deployment to Afghanistan when he tragically lost his life.


The Duskin and Stephens Foundation had the honored privilege to memorialize and celebrate Jerry at our 2015 Beef and Beer Benefit.  It is significant for us because Jerry's first deployment with Special Forces was the deployment where we lost Mike and Riley and Jerry attended our inaugural benefit.


Jerry's loss was devastating to the team, the company, the Special Forces Regiment, and most importantly to his family. Jerry was truly larger than life, not only in stature but also in kindness and dedication to his teammates and his job. Jerry was one of the best Special Forces Medics in the Regiment, and strived every day to make himself and those around him just a little better. Jerry is survived by his wife, Nancy, and his two small children, Charlie and Stella.  The Duskin and Stephens Foundation has pledged to do everything in our power to help Nancy, Charlie, and Stella, and to let them know that their sacrifice is never forgotten.  He was a wonderful father and husband who loved God and served others, a mentor to his peers, and a giant among men."




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